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Biométrie/ Biostats

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4 avril 2017

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Diploma in Bayesian statistics and Master on Epidemiology with experience in biostatistics seeking for a new position in Biostatistics and Epidemiology


• Bases and deepened knowledge in statistics : univariate and multivariate models
• Statistical methodology (parametric and non-parametric test, bioequivalence test, sample size estimation etc.)
• Knowledge in Bayesian statistics: inference and statistics descriptive( Markov Chain Monte Carlo), simulations and sensibility test of model
• Ability to propose and develop design and methodology of studies in epidemiology
• Strong knowledge in epidemiology (descriptive and analytic)
• Good practice on SAS, R and OpenBUGS
• Good knowledge of literature research
• Strong knowledge in clinical research and regulation: GCP-FDA
• Knowledge on pre-clinical trials
• Retrieve appropriate data from databases
• Compliance with quality standard of data collection
• Strong knowledge in oncology and cardiovascular disease
• Writing and oral scientific communication (published article)


October 2010 to Jun 2015: Epidemiologist-Project manager. Epidemiology and Public Health Laboratory. University of Strasbourg, France.

• Manage epidemiological studies on oncology: According to the protocol research ( observational studies on oncology)
- Edit template to collect all data asked by the study
- Manage the collection and the recording of this target data
- Manage people who work on the study
- Participate in the analysis of data
- Provide report of the results

• Perform registration of all cancer cases for patients living in the Bas-Rhin-France department using FRANCIM ( Rèseau français des registres des cancers) and ICD-O rules to qualify medical records

- Contact the various departments’ public health and private
- Data collection (from medical record and informatics) and coding
- Data recording and data analysis (prevalence, incidence, rates, Graphs, tables)

September 2008 to Jun 2010: Trainee on Biostatistics. Stroke registry. University Hospital of Dijon-France

• Write a protocol research and statistical Analysis Plan
• Extract data from Database
• Realize statistical Analyses and programming under SAS
• Provide report, interpretation of results
• Publication of the research work


Since November 2016: University Diploma on Biostatistics: Bayesian statistics. Faculty of medicine. Uni0versity of Strasbourg

September 2015 to April 2016: Registered at National College of Veterinary Medicine, Food Science and Engineering. Nantes: Updating of knowledge on animals biotechnology and pharmacology

2012 : Certificate in Techniques of Epidemiological Supervision, Recording and Coding in Cancer at the European Training school in Cancer research at Paris-France

2008- 2010 : Master's degree in Epidemiology, clinical Research and Evaluation at the Faculty of Medicine.Dijon-France


Languages: English (professional proficiency), French
Activities: Swimming, Hikes, reading, beekeeping

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